Photo by FrankyB

It's time to celebrate the scene we all love with the first major event in the annual hard dance calendar since 2003! Join three thousand hard dance fanatics and some huge names on the decks and in the scene for the most important night of the year; the one where you, the clubber, decide who the most important players in the business are.

We started the Hard Dance Awards eight years ago as a way of showing the rest of the world and other dance music styles just how seriously we take our way of life. Each and every weekend, tens of thousands of party people from here in the UK and around the world make a pilgrimage to the hard dance floor to socialise and forget about what Monday morning has to bring.

It's those of you who make the trip week in, week out that ultimately power this universal movement, but it also involves hundreds of people working tirelessly behind the scene to bring you the music and the events. The HDA's are a yearly chance for you lot to reward those of us who have made a positive impact on your life each and every weekend.

Photo by Crimson

For one night a year, we come together to celebrate and showcase the best music and atmosphere our scene has to deliver. We need you to vote and we need you to come to make this event achieve what we set out to do over five years ago - to create the ultimate rave experience for the true hardcore party people. Featuring the best DJ's and acts our truly amazing and dynamic scene has to offer, we've made this dream a reality and all that's missing is you and your friends partying hard!

See you at the 10th Annual Hard Dance Awards party for a night that will go down in the annals of dance music history as the one you had to be at! See you at the front!

Ed and Nolan, Trackitdown.net